Pros and Cons of Winstrol

Winstrol is a synthetic steroid that is a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derivative, and is available in both tablet and injectable forms. The generic drug is stanozolol.

Winstrol is a performance enhancing drug that boosts growth of muscle. Athletes, bodybuilders, and women who want to boost their muscle tissue all take Winstrol.

Typically, the steroid is used by bodybuilders to burn extra fat and add muscle.

The drug is used in a cutting cycle among bodybuilders, where it is not used during the bulking period. The steroid is mostly used in a cutting cycle because bodybuilders have to save their muscle mass and use fat tissues more.

The biggest advantage with the use of Winstrol is the absence of water retention. Muscles are developed minus fat retention, which is a huge advantage for bodybuilders.

Advantages of using Winstrol

Among the many advantages of using Winstrol are the following:

Synthesis of protein: Once you consume a steroid such as Winstrol, it joins the blood flow and reaches the muscular tissue. When it reaches a cell, the steroid communicates with the DNA of the cell and leads to a process called synthesis of proteins. This synthesis boosts growth of cells.

Prostaglandin E2 production: Prostaglandin E2 production gets stimulated thanks to the use of Winstrol. Prostaglandin E2 is a set of substances that act like hormones and aid in a range of functions like relaxation and contraction of muscle, and BP control, among others. Prostaglandin E2 release occurs by the walls of blood vessels when there is an inflammation or an infection.

Nitrogen storage: Winstrol also aids in improving the functioning of muscles and enhancing strength, apart from helping in storage of nitrogen.

Strength: Taking Winstrol helps in strengthening tendons and ligaments of the body.

Medical uses for Winstrol

Winstrol has many medical uses, and is used to treat a genetic condition called angioedema which is hereditary (HAE). This condition causes parts of the body to swell and the problem can snowball into a life-threatening situation.

The parts of the body that are affected include the hands, GI tract, and hands. Winstrol is administered during an HAE attack, but has greater effectiveness among men.

Winstrol is also used to treat a condition where there is low blood cell production. This is an autoimmune disorder that lowers platelet, WBC and RBC production.

Research has shown that women who have been treated for breast cancer and have not responded to such treatment well may benefit from Winstrol.

Another genetic condition called Turner syndrome that affects body growth, kidney functioning and cognition can be treated with Winstrol.

If you are a woman who has crossed menopause and suffer from osteoporosis or an autoimmune issue, your doctor may prescribe Winstrol to reduce CD3+ and CD4+ count.

Winstrol is also prescribed when patients suffer from unusually low testosterone levels.

Why is Winstrol popular among women?

Winstrol is hugely popular among women because it is a fat and weight loss steroid. Winstrol helps in removing water and improving the strength of your body.

Women can reap more benefits from Stanozolol than men because women tend to show greater sensitivity towards steroids that are anabolic in nature.

Women can even try using the drug during a bulking phase though it is the cutting period that the steroid is found to be most effective.

However, women should use the drug in a responsible manner and take it only in small doses.

Compared to other steroids with anabolic properties, the androgenic impact of Winstrol is lower among women. Even if there is any androgenic impact, the effect is reversible when the steroid is discontinued.

SHGB and Winstrol

One of the important anti-ageing mechanisms of your body is to have a healthy and well-balanced profile of sex hormones.

Poor estrogen and testosterone balance among women and men could give rise to many problems such as fractures, bone disorders, strokes and coronary problems.

An important marker of this balance of hormones is called SHBG or sex-hormone-binding globulin. When there are abnormalities linked with SHBG levels, there are sleep disorders, cancer or diabetes.

The protein, SHBG, is produced in the liver mostly, though it is synthesised in the brain, placenta, uterus, testes and the brain. SHBG transports hormones to receptors in the body and protects hormonal degradation.

High, low or just right?

When there is too much SHBG in your blood, testosterone may not be supplied to tissues. High SHBG means testosterone is bound to the globulin, and instead estrogen makes a mark on a man’s body.

The consequences are low sexual desire, fatigue, and gynecomastia. On the other hand, low SHBG level would mean obesity, high BP and other abnormalities in your lipid profile.

In women, abnormalities in SHBG cause problems such as infertility, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and acne. It is here that Winstrol comes into the picture.

It lowers SHBG and ensures that testosterone is available more freely to boost tissue, increase strength, aggression and sexual desire. The tablets also ensure that levels of estrogen come down, which is highly beneficial among men.

Oral vs injectable

You can take Winstrol either in the tablet (oral) form or in the injectable form.

However, some experts say that when Winstrol is taken orally, there is more retention of nitrogen, which in effect means that newer muscle tissues are built.

On the other hand, the oral form scores over the injectable one on the stacking front. It is easy to synergise the oral form with additional drugs.

Also, when it comes to SHBG, the oral form frees up much more testosterone than the injectable one.

This is because of Winstrol’s (oral) interaction with the globulin at the spot where it is produced, which is the liver, without actually having to first enter the blood stream.

Winstrol tablets go through metabolism in the liver and intestines first before they enter the blood and are taken by other tissue.

The same, however, may not be true when it comes to women.

When SHBG comes down among women and there is a lot of testosterone to be used, it is going to make women more masculine. You can notice excess hair growth on the face and legs/arms as one of the signs of increased testosterone.

Low SHBG could also cause menstrual disorders. So, the injectable may be a better form for women because it doesn’t lower SHBG as much as the oral form.

Disadvantages of taking Winstrol

Winstrol should always be consumed in the right dose as per the prescribed cycles. However, there are certain negative effects one has to contend with, when it comes to using Winstrol.

Liver and gastro problems

Among the major side-effects of consuming Winstrol is the damage to the liver. You could suffer from jaundice, and in severe and rare cases, necrosis of liver, which is fatal.

Changes in the functioning of the liver could also occur, though they are reversible upon discontinuation. On the gastrointestinal front, you may experience vomiting, nausea or diarrhoea.

Genito-urinary problems

There could an increase in the number of erections and enlargement of the phallus. Also, men could suffer from impotence, irritability of the bladder and problems with the functioning of the testicles. Among women, the problems include menstrual abnormalities and enlargement of the clitoris.

Acne and hair problems

Women could experience acne and hair growth on the body could increase. Baldness is another side-effect among those who consume Winstrol.

Changes in the larynx, breast

While women experience change in voice, essentially a deepening, men could develop gynecomastia, or growth of breasts.

Nervous system and sexual issues

Consumption of Winstrol could cause insomnia, depression and excitement. Women also tend to show behavioural changes such as greater aggression. There are changes in sexual desire among both the sexes.

Stunted growth

If you are a teenage boy or an adolescent, your endocrine system is not developed fully. Winstrol makes your growth stunted and you could end up stocky and short. Your chances of suffering from conditions such as gynecomastia or acne are higher.


Winstrol is known to decrease the levels of good cholesterol and increase bad cholesterol levels. However, the changes can be reversed.

Winstrol and other medications

If you are already on other medications such as diabetes pills or blood thinners, the Winstrol could interact with those drugs and cause side-effects. Even before buying over the counter medicines, it is better that you consult your doctor.

Joint pains

If you are a prolonged user of Winstrol, you will be familiar with this side-effect, that of soreness in the joints.

Other warnings that need to be heeded

Some patients who have consumed any form of AAS or androgenic-anabolic steroid have reported a condition wherein the liver is full of cysts filled with blood.

The cysts may cause dysfunction of the liver in some cases, but in severe forms, they could lead to failure of the liver, which is fatal. In such cases, the cysts may disappear if the drug is discontinued.

Also, patients suffering from cancer should not use Winstrol because the steroid could cause a condition called hypercalcemia, which is signified by abnormal levels of calcium present in the blood.

Increase of calcium levels could lead to fatigue, weakness and irregularity in heart beat.

People with any form of cardiac, hepatic or renal condition would also do well to avoid Winstrol.

Pregnant and lactating women should also steer clear of Winstrol consumption.

If you have a propensity to consume too much alcohol, you should understand that Winstrol and alcohol could form a lethal combination as far as your liver is concerned.

Regular monitoring is very important

If you are into any form of AAS or Winstrol therapy, it is advised that you undergo tests from time to time to understand if there are any negative effects on the liver, heart and other vital organs.

Make sure to watch your lipid profile because an increase in high density lipoproteins could cause cardiac problems.

Also ensure you have a good diet plan which is high on Omega-3 fatty acids, and have adequate rest and sleep.

Keep a constant watch on your haemoglobin, blood pressure and diabetes levels. If there are abnormalities, it is best to discontinue the steroid.

Noticed any allergic reactions such as hives, swollen lips, face, tongue or breathlessness? You may need immediate medical care and attention.

Don’t ignore any symptoms such as persistent headaches, swollen ankles or arms and tenderness in the breast.

Dosage: Right amount for the right time

The dosage for men ideally should not exceed 50 mg per day for a period not exceeding six to eight weeks. Some men consume up to 100 mg, but the lower range is recommended, at least for beginners.

Among women, the recommended dosage on a daily basis is much less, in the range of 5 to 10 mg. For women, a cycle of four weeks should be the appropriate timeframe.

A lot of bodybuilders also stack the drug with other drugs for greater results, but consult a doctor or trainer on how to do it.

While Winstrol is great for muscles and strength, on the flip side, any synthetic drug needs to be handled with care and caution.

Storing & Final thoughts

If you have already been consuming Winstrol, make sure you store the drug in a cool place, where the temperature does not cross 25 degrees Celsius.

The side-effects are not as pronounced if you adhere to all the instructions on the label.

Also, don’t self-medicate and extend dosages and cycles beyond the limit. Also, if you miss a dose, take it immediately, but not along with the next dose.

The liquid form of the drug should not be frozen, and all forms of Winstrol should be kept away from moisture.

Your doctor should be apprised of your entire medical history, your allergies, past surgeries, illnesses and infections before you seek a prescription of Winstrol.

Stanozolol has been banned by the world’s major sporting bodies because it enhances performance, so if you wish to compete at an international athletic event, for instance, it helps to keep away from the drug before the competition.

You will be disqualified and your honors taken away from you if traces of the drug are found upon screening.

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