Side Effects of Winstrol

Winstrol is among the most commonly used steroids, with its generic form being called stanozolol.

The steroid is available in both injectable and oral forms of winstrol, and boosts strength as well as endurance in the user.

It is also widely used in cutting cycles among bodybuilders. Athletes and other track as well as field contestants also use the steroid for gaining strength and muscle.

Pay attention to the doctor

When you visit your doctor for a prescription, he or she will also most likely tell you about the side effects of the drug. Follow the doctor’s instructions carefully and also reveal your entire medical history to him/her.

Certain medications, allergies or conditions may trigger side effects. So it is essential to present your medical history to the doctor.

Minor side effects

Although Winstrol is largely safe to consume, prolonged use may lead to nausea, mood swings, jaundice, acne, rashes and joint pains.

You may experience pain in the abdominal region, notice swollen arms or ankles, have headaches or experience some change in your sexual urges.

Allergic reactions such as breathlessness or swollen lips are also some minor side-effects of Winstrol.

Major side effects

Your genetic disposition plays a major role in your ability to handle certain changes such as increase in cholesterol.

Winstrol has the capacity to increase cholesterol levels, so be careful if you already have high levels of bad cholesterol.

Also, no matter which form of Winstrol you opt for, the steroid has the potential to increase enzymes in the liver. If you use the drug carelessly without following instructions, you could be susceptible to some serious liver damage.

Some people could develop a condition wherein cysts filled with blood may start appearing on the liver. In severe cases, this could prove to be fatal.

At lower doses, some people may suffer from jaundice, which when not treated at the right time, could pose serious problems.

The drug may also affect your central nervous system (CNS). Use of Winstrol could cause sleeplessness, depression or increase in levels of excitement.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it is important to go to the doctor immediately to nip the problems in the bud.

Winstrol’s negative impact on women

Among women, one of the most common side-effects is acne. The oil glands in the skin get activated and the pores get blocked more often as well as easily, leading to an outbreak of acne.

Another side effect that women need to be careful about is the deepening of voice, owing to the strengthening of the vocal cords. Women can try and reverse this side effect by stopping the intake of the drug.

Excess hair growth on the body is also an offshoot of Winstrol consumption. On the flip side, it could cause baldness too.

Winstrol could make women become more muscular and leaner, giving them a very masculine look.

The enlargement of the clitoris is also a side-effect of Winstrol consumption. Your menstrual cycle could also be affected owing to the steroid, because the drug interferes with the production and release of hormones such as LH, FSH, progesterone and estrogen.

Winstrol could also make women more aggressive.

Side effects of Winstrol in men

Among men, Winstrol consumption could create fertility-related problems.

The testicles may shrink, the sperm count may drop and the reproductive system could be affected. Prostate cancer is also a serious risk of the drug.

If you are teenage boy, Winstrol could stunt your growth and your bone structure could see premature development. You could become stocky and short.

nother side effect that could affect a man’s physique is the growth of breasts, also known as gynecomastia.

The side-effects are more pronounced if you are under 25 years of age. This is because the male endocrine system is not fully developed by this point.

Use of steroids such as Winstrol could leave a long-term impact on the body.

The chances of suffering from acne or gynecomastia get high because of changes caused by hormones in adolescence. Teens and adolescents also have naturally high levels of testosterone, which they should tap into.

It is better to start building muscle naturally with training to be fit and healthy than take steroids at a young age.

Who should avoid Winstrol?

  • If you have high cholesterol, steer clear of Winstrol, which pumps up cholesterol levels drastically.
  • Do you have trouble with abstaining from alcohol? If yes, Winstrol may not be the steroid for you. Winstrol and alcohol make for a cocktail that can only harm your liver.
  • If you suffer from prostate or breast cancer, you should avoid Winstrol altogether.
  • If you have high levels of calcium in your blood, you need to discuss the possible alternatives with your doctor, before opting for Winstrol.
  • If you have suffered a cardiac attack or any kind of heart problem, refrain from using the drug.
  • A kidney condition or clotting problems in the past make you a candidate who should avoid Winstrol at all costs.
  • Pregnant women are also advised to stay away from Winstrol. If you find yourself pregnant during a Winstrol cycle, it is best to stop using the drug immediately.
  • Though it is not proved that breast milk is affected by the steroid, it is better if lactating mothers avoid the consumption of Winstrol.
  • The steroid may not be recommended if you are stepping into the pre-menopausal stage.

Other medication that could affect Winstrol’s impact

If you have been prescribed any blood thinners, insulin or diabetes tablets, you would need to consult your physician before taking Winstrol. Certain drugs could interact with the steroid and cause side effects.

Always consult your doctor even if you are taking over the counter medication such as vitamins or herbal concoctions.

How to prevent side effects of Winstrol

In case you suffer from side effects of Winstrol, you an try out a few solutions.

If you have cholesterol-related issues, you could control your diet and streamline your lifestyle.

Cut down on smoking or drinking and your cholesterol levels could drop.

Exercise regularly and have a diet plan in place.

Since damage to the liver is one of the side effects, you should drink lots of plain water apart from lime water.

For gynecomastia or growth of breast tissue, the doctor may prescribe a drug that keeps estrogen levels under control.

If you have acne, washing your face and the affected areas regularly can help in clearing the oil build-up.

Your doctor may also prescribe Vitamin A or some creams for it. In severe cases, you may be prescribed an antibiotic.

Ways to avoid side effects

The drug must be stored at room temperature ranging between 20 deg and 25 deg Celsius to make sure that the shelf life is longer and the benefits are optimal.

By carefully storing the drug as per instructions, the risk of side effects can be brought down.

Also, dosages and cycles should be strictly followed as per the doctor’s advice. Prolonged use could make you vulnerable to more side effects.

Try not to use Winstrol during the bulking period because the drug boosts levels of cholesterol. Ideally use the drug ahead of competitions or during cycle cutting periods.

Also, make sure not to use poor quality or fake versions of Winstrol. Such drugs could lead to dangerous side effects.

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